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"one of the most pleasant surprises of this year’s lineup"

The Art Fuse

"deranged, crass, overly-violent, and sweet to its core"

25 Years Later

"a superb and unexpected triumph of independent cinema and should be sought after wherever it plays"

The Aisle Seat

"Boundaries of good taste are pushed as part of the bonding ritual"


"impressive, offering visually striking moments that complement the narrative"

Overly Honest Reviews

"a love letter to those who find belonging in the fringes"

Humble Among

"a Juggalo fairytale"

Downright Creepy

"you never stop wanting these characters to win. Even when they're making the worst decisions."

Replicon Radio

"If you mother#@$!% like Faygo, there's a lot of Faygo in this movie"

Horror Vanguard

"Go to Off Ramp for magic"

Boston Hassle

"a wild and crude ride of a movie"


"You’d never imagine a Juggalo movie could be this sweet"

The Swampflix Podcast

"pulls off the graphic drama with a sort of odd beauty"


"you get the feeling that the lead characters have known each other forever"


"hidden gem of a movie"


"an invitation to join the family, more than just a movie"

The Pitch KC

"destined to garner a cult following"

Biff Bam Pop!

"kicks the well-worn road trip genre in the throat and cackles as it runs away"

Horror DNA

"Thrilling and enthralling"

Movie Going with Bill

"human spark and relatability among macabre beauty gives life to Off Ramp"

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